4 Jul 2006

Full moon, in your Cinderella story, you'd get to Have a Fairy Godmother

Someone to grant your every wish? What could possibly be better? It's not that you're high maintenance (well, OK, maybe an eensy teensy bit). It's just that life would be so fantastic if you had someone to make sure things are going your way, to tell you which outfit was cuter, or to finish sweeping out the chimney so you could go to the mall with your friends. And if she could turn regular household produce into a fancy coach to drive you there — all the better.

The thing is, you know what you like and you're probably not afraid to go after it. But if you can get there faster with one swoooooosh of a magic wand, you wouldn't complain. So keep it up, Cinderella. With a little training, people will learn to see you for the princess you are. Now, get ready to smile and wave. After all, your royal subjects await.