13 Jun 2005


why do we tend to be judgemental??? i dont know... i do this sometimes like everybody........ though i really hate to be judged cos nobody loves me enough for it and nobody knows me enough for it..... seeing me for 24 hours a day still doesnt give u a clue about who i really am if i decided to hide my truth from you...... you can judge only what u see and still u cant be fair enough about it...... why dont we just help eachother without judgements??????? we are all imprefect, i help you to be better not cos i judged you being wrong but cos u need to evolve...... you do ur things ur way and i do my things my may ... ur way is the best for you cos u know urself better and my way is perfect for me aswell though it might cause a desaster when u come to apply it on ur life... i can only point out what i see good for you but its you who choses how to get there........ on judgement day God shall use no aids cos he is the one who knows us the most and loves us the most, and he ll never judge me befor my whole life is thorough.


G said...

I beleive that judgement is kind of adiction, I think u will keep on judgeing poeple although all what u said about hating it, at least u will do it in private, don't look for the perfect city where each one is only himself and nothing else

and it's not that bad I guess, if you wanna judge me it's ok , but keep ur judgement for you.

and life goes on

AZ said...

well i do my best not to judge ppl ... i try to give ppl chances to be what they are u know..... come as you are..... i dont know beng7 bensbet kam... bass i do :)

ibn_abdel_aziz said...

one step on the right path ya AZ

By the way ...in your poll , if you put amr mousa's name teh whole result will change

try ....if you still can re-write it

AZ said...

i ll see bass amma afda cos um stuck working on the new magazine issue