16 Jan 2008

حاليا بالأسواق

هيييييييييييييييييييييه اخيراااااااااااااا


مصطفى محمد said...

انشاء الله ح اشتريه من المعرض

Youssef said...

who is tarek imam? sorry about el alphabteek!

Youssef said...

I am commenting on the تبرعوا لانكاذ عمو ساويريس post. I can't comment on any other post of yours. This was so so funny, really LOL. and really thanks for writing it.

I also really like your choice of music on your profile. It doesn't get better than Ziad El Ra7abni and Mounir. I also wanted to email you but I can't find a link to email. Here is mine: youssef.faltas@gmail.com. I know it is weird and you don't know me, but ... I think we share some things in thought.