28 Jan 2006

25th birthday

last monday i finished my 25th year on this planet... SO WHAT!!!!

um bored of being az... bored of living a life that consumes me for nothing... or maybe its me who is consuming my years for nothing.... years pass and nothing happens... and um not doing anything about it.... what is it really that i did n the past 25 years???..... i breathed.. i ate... made friends... fell in troubles.. got out of troubles.... became a designer... whats is this anyways?.. is this what life is all about??... if i didnt do anything that ll send me to hell, what s it that i did to be sent to heaven?... i failed to be a pleasant person or atleast not an ANNOYING one.... so here i am, a lousy 25 y old person that happened to be a designer. a person that has nothing to complain about but myself.... stuck in the middle of something that i cant figuer out.... i couldnt be evil... but i couldnt be good either..... um stuck somewhere in the middle of everything... and then once more i complain.. i complain about everything cos i just can't face myself with the simple truth which is "nothing happened cos i didn't do anything.. its me who's not letting things happen"... unfortunatly i cant fool myself any longer... even this i failed at.... the "blame someone else" attitude is not working well for me anymore...
the simple truth is that i did nothing that worth being written in CAPS or underlined