25 Mar 2005

The Apple Blue

once there was an apple
hangin from a tree
it was a blue one
not like apples should be
then came a passanger
wondered what it would be
when he looked carefully

he knew its an apple tree
so the passanger wondered
why this one is blue
the blue apple answered
'cos i have seen the truth
you want to see it too?
so he replied yes sure i do
come and take a bite
then you can see through
then came another passanger
and tok another bite
from the apple blue
one passanger after another
they bite then see through
till the apple is finished
nothing left to do
so the tree cried
where is my apple blue?
the apple blue smiled
lady um not through
those who tok bites
havin me inside
i give them all the power
to see the beauty of you
to look inside themselves
to like what they knew
i'll always give them power
and to their kids too
i move from one to another
till the life is through